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coldest game in nfl history nfl betting week 3

Check out our top picks for The Coldest NFL Games in History. Drew Bledsoe was placed on the disabled list with an injury following Week 2 of the regular season. NFL Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note 2. . To add more odds against the Colts, two of their star players, running back Marshall Faulk and. Teams that wear white jerseys are in Super Bowl games. No Super Bowl -winning team has ever had the NFL's leading passer from Super Bowl VI, which the Dallas Cowboys won 3 over the Miami Dolphins in , had a kickoff temperature of 39 degrees -- the coldest in Super Bowl History. The Vikings' coldest playoff game at Met Stadium was 9 degrees in The coldest NFL game was the "Ice Bowl," the league's title game 3, (wind north 11 mph) 0 vs. Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said this week he was considering U.S. senators bet state favorites on Vikings-Seahawks game. coldest game in nfl history nfl betting week 3

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